The Child Custody Book

How to Protect Your Children and Win Your Case

by James W. Stewart & Terry Johnston

The Child Custody Book, How to Protect Your Children and Win Your Case The Child Custody Book (Click Here for more info) may be very helpful for you and your children.

Here's a quick overview of The Child Custody Book:

Book Description: This book fully, clearly, and concisely explains the process of court child custody litigation. It shows how custody decisions are made, what can be expected at each stage of the process, and how parents can insure that their abilities are clearly presented to persons with influence over the custody decision. It is intended to eliminate surprises that could lead to costly mistakes along the way. Parents who settle custody disputes out of court will not only save tens of thousands of dollars, but will have avoided the rancor and hostility of a custody trial that makes future cooperation in raising the children almost impossible. With help from a capable and experienced attorney, this book will allow the reader to present her/his case for custody in its best possible light. A must-read for divorcing parents, custody evaluators, family psychologists, and marriage and family therapists. From the Publisher: Books in the Rebuilding Books series "for divorce and beyond" are written for those considering divorce, going through divorce, or rebuilding their lives after divorce. Inspired by the work of renowned divorce therapist, Dr. Bruce Fisher, the Rebuilding Books offer expert information and practical self-help procedures. These straightforward, life-affirming resources can help make the divorce process easier, healthier, and less painful, leading to more-fulfilled lives and stronger "second-time" relationships.

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James W. Stewart & Terry Johnston: The Child Custody Book, How to Protect Your Children and Win Your Case

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