What Children Need to Know

When Parents Get Divorced

by William L. Coleman

What Children Need to Know, When Parents Get Divorced What Children Need to Know (Click Here for more info) may be very helpful for you and your children.

Here's a quick overview of What Children Need to Know:

Practical Help for Children Ages 6 to 12 from a Trusted Author and Licensed Family Counselor When read with a caring adult, this book can be the first step in bringing children of divorce toward much-needed emotional healing. Because it is often hard for children to express feelings, fears, and questions, it is easy to assume they are adjusting and coping with their parents’ divorce—when instead they may feel guilty that they are somehow to blame for the break-up. William L. Coleman provides an honest, understandable, and simple way for concerned adults to broach discussion of this sensitive subject with the children they care about, covering such crucial areas as: The uniqueness and importance of each child Reassurance of the continued love of both parents for the child Encouragement to talk openly of painful subjects Ways to show love to both parents, even the one who no longer lives with the child.

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William L. Coleman: What Children Need to Know, When Parents Get Divorced

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