Crazy Time

Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life

by Abigail Trafford

Crazy Time, Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life Crazy Time (Click Here for more info) is a VERY useful book.

Here's a quick overview of Crazy Time:

A fully revised and updated edition of the essential guide for men and women moving through the turmoil of divorce. There is nothing easy about the breakup of a marriage, from coping with loss and failure to dealing with the uncertainty of the future. In this intelligent and insightful book Abigail Trafford charts this emotional journey. Identifying the common phases in the evolution from marriage to separation to divorce, and eventually to a new life. Based on her personal experience, and interviews with hundreds of divorced men and women, she offers a better understanding of your experience, and the comfort of knowing you are not alone in your pain and confusion. "Crazy Time" is also an investment in the future -- Trafford reveals the telltale signs of a marriage in trouble and in crisis, and discusses what determines whether a relationship will survive over time. For your information, here's the table of contents from the book: PART 1: CRISIS 1 -- Deadlock 2 -- Confrontation 3 -- Separation PART 2: CRAZY TIME: 4 -- On the Edge 5 -- Relief/Disbelief 6 -- Deep Shock 7 -- Anger 8 -- Ambivalence 9 -- Depression PART 3: RECOVERY 10 -- Emergence of Self 11 -- Public Divorce 12 -- Sex 13 -- Love 14 Remarriage / Redivorce 15 -- Married for Good

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Abigail Trafford: Crazy Time, Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life

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