Mediating Divorce

A Step-by-Step Manual

by Marilyn S. McKnight

Mediating Divorce, A Step-by-Step Manual Mediating Divorce (Click Here for more info) is a VERY useful book.

Here's a quick overview of Mediating Divorce:

Mediating Divorce: A Step-by-Step Manual is written for family law attorneys and therapists who need a comprehensive resource for facilitating the divorce mediation process. This invaluable package--which includes a mediator's manual and two client workbooks--provides a four-step method for leading a successful divorce mediation. Written by Marilyn S. McKnight and Stephen K. Erickson, two widelyknown pioneers in the field of divorce mediation, this useful guide will show how to implement the techniques needed to be an effective divorce mediator. It includes helpful information for understanding and working through the emotions experienced by people going through a divorce. This unprecedented hands-on resource offers attorneys, therapists, and counselors the tools needed to help clients create their own settlement without painful adversarial conflicts. It includes: An outline of the rules of mediation Strategies for identifying all the psychological and financial issues pertinent to the divorce Guidelines for preparing a parenting plan Specific steps for determining future living expenses Procedures for helping clients divide property Information on finalizing the Memorandum of Agreement Proven techniques and strategies for mediating difficult divorce disputes

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Marilyn S. McKnight: Mediating Divorce, A Step-by-Step Manual

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