Surviving Marital Meltdown

(Audio Cassette)

by Randall L. Colker

Surviving Marital Meltdown, (Audio Cassette) Surviving Marital Meltdown (Click Here for more info) is a VERY useful book.

Here's a quick overview of Surviving Marital Meltdown:

Table of Contents Common feelings and experiences of separation and divorce Mistaken beliefs about divorce Taking care of yourself Dealing with your spouse Working with lawyers and the legal system Caring for children About the Author: Randall Colker is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist practicing in Yorktown, Virginia. For twenty-nine years, he has specialized in the treatment of marital and divorce problems. Dr. Colker has his Doctorate Degree from the University of Pittsburgh, and an Internship at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. In the years since, he has taken advanced training in many areas of psychology, especially involving relationship issues. Dr. Colker is an engaging speaker who makes concepts interesting and easy to understand.

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Randall L. Colker: Surviving Marital Meltdown, (Audio Cassette)

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