Surviving Separation and Divorce

by Loriann Hoff Oberlin

Surviving Separation and Divorce, Surviving Separation and Divorce (Click Here for more info) is a VERY useful book.

Here's a quick overview of Surviving Separation and Divorce:

In the first weeks following a marital separation, many women are forced to drastically change the course of their lives. Emotionally drained, physically weak from stress and fatigue, they must first learn to get up and get their act together -- fast -- to support their children, and then to restart their lives. It can be the most difficult time of the divorce process. This book highlights the legal, emotional and social journey. From resolving emotionally charged issues of reconciliation, to practical lessons in finance, personal safety, home maintenance, and career concerns, you'll find the answers you need. Here's the book's Table of Contents, to give a better view of the book: 1 -- Suddenly Separated 2 -- Looking after You 3 -- Coping with your Children 4 -- Navigating the Legal Landscape 5 -- Preserving your Personal Safety 6 -- Your Financial Future 7 -- Carving out a Career 8 -- Household Hints and Care Care 9 -- Learning to Lighten Up 10 -- Exploring New Horizons

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