The Divorce Process

Empowerment Through Knowledge

by Marlene M. Browne

The Divorce Process, Empowerment Through Knowledge The Divorce Process (Click Here for more info) is a VERY useful book.

Here's a quick overview of The Divorce Process:

An experienced family lawyer provides everything you need to know about divorce, separation, and annulment in thirteen cost-saving, information-packed chapters, jammed with insider-tips, proven strategies, and practical resources plus an extensive glossary. A must have, from-the-trenches manual based upon the author's years of hard-won experience, open this book to find information conveniently distilled to guide readers through the whole, world-shaking process. Each of the thirteen chapters is succinctly organized, providing concrete examples and dependable tips for the reader to implement in his/her own case.

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Marlene M. Browne: The Divorce Process, Empowerment Through Knowledge

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