Divorce Handbook for California

How to Dissolve Your Marriage Without Disaster

by James W. Stewart

Divorce Handbook for California, How to Dissolve Your Marriage Without Disaster Divorce Handbook for California (Click Here for more info)   may help you with legal or financial issues in your divorce or separation. You may just want unbiased advice, or to know what form or forms to fill out, or help in planning all the details.

Here's a quick overview of  Divorce Handbook for California:

Book Description: Judge Stewart wrote this book to help couples survive the dissolution of their marriage without the financial ruin most people face. His no-holds-barred guidance shows readers how to: --Establish realistic expectations about divorce --Protect children during the difficult times --Use mediation and/or arbitration effectively --Find and hire a good attorney --Handle child and spousal support This updated fifth edition builds on Judge Stewart's reputation of excellent advice to tens of thousands of Californians going through one of life's most difficult experiences. Features include: --Authoritative guidance from an experienced family court judge --Practical, helpful exercises, "Do's and Don'ts" --Realistic, objective perspective (not "do it yourself" -- not "lawyer bashing") DIVORCE HANDBOOK FOR CALIFORNIA (Fifth Edition) will be especially helpful to: --Individuals who are considering divorce or separation --California couples going through divorce --Attorneys, divorce counselors, marriage and family therapists

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James W. Stewart: Divorce Handbook for California, How to Dissolve Your Marriage Without Disaster

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