Divorce Strategy

Tactics for a Civil Financial Divorce

by Laura A. Johnson

Divorce Strategy, Tactics for a Civil Financial Divorce Divorce Strategy (Click Here for more info)   may help you with legal or financial issues in your divorce or separation. You may just want unbiased advice, or to know what form or forms to fill out, or help in planning all the details.

Here's a quick overview of  Divorce Strategy:

It's your divorce, do it your way! Use this comprehensive, step-by-step planning guide to design a creative financial divorce that best suits you and your family. Written in plain English, this book will show you how to plan and manage your divorce while saving money and your family's dignity. Are you thinking about a divorce or involved in one now? Are you afraid of what will happen to your family finances? Do you distrust the legal system and divorce lawyers? Do you feel as if your future is out of your control? Do you want to do something about it? That's where Divorce Strategy fits in. It gives you the tools and information you need to plan and manage your financial divorce. It explains what most lawyers either won't take the time to tell you or don't want you to know. The methods and tactics described in this book will help you take control so you can reduce, an in some cases eliminate, the financial consequences of your divorce. From the Author: Usually, the only people who come close to winning a divorce are the divorce lawyers. Divorcing couples seldom, if ever, win. Too often, they find themselves trapped in a system they don't understand and spend thousands of dollars for unnecessary and damaging litigation. Instead of using their assets and income for legal fees, wouldn't it be better for them to keep it for their family? I think it is. That is one of the reasons for this book. There are many problems in the divorce business and legal reform is necessary. However, reform takes time and doesn't help those who are in need right now. That's another reason for Divorce Strategy. This step-by-step guide takes its readers, item by item, through the process of getting a financial divorce. It contains specific, proven techniques they can use immediately to work within and around the system to achieve their goals.

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Laura A. Johnson: Divorce Strategy, Tactics for a Civil Financial Divorce

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