Divorce War!

50 Strategies Every Woman Needs To Know To Win

by Bradley Pistotnik

Divorce War!, 50 Strategies Every Woman Needs To Know To Win Divorce War! (Click Here for more info)   may help you with legal or financial issues in your divorce or separation. You may just want unbiased advice, or to know what form or forms to fill out, or help in planning all the details.

Here's a quick overview of  Divorce War!:

Book Description: Do you feel powerless when it comes to your divorce? Do you feel that your attorney gives you too little information about how your case is proceeding? Are you afraid of losing your fair share of marital assets, your home, or worse yet, custody of your children? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you should read this book. Divorce War! helps you to take control of your divorce with proven strategies for getting the financial and custody settlement you want and deserve. Based on years of legal experience, attorney Bradley A. Pistotnik reveals 50 tactics you can use to win a larger share of the divorce pie, including how to assess your husband's net worth, find hidden assets, challenge a prenuptial agreement, avoid the pitfalls of alimony clauses, and more. If you're concerned about child custody, you'll find valuable information on how to ensure the courts rule in your favor, including ways to win over a court-appointed psychologist. And if you aren't satisfied with your divorce settlement, Pistotnik shows you how to file a civil claim, known as a marital tort, to obtain additional compensation. Whether you're seeking revenge on your husband, or simply want to protect your rights, Divorce War! will show you the tips and tricks used by good attorneys and smart wives to turn the tide in your favor.

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Bradley Pistotnik: Divorce War!, 50 Strategies Every Woman Needs To Know To Win

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