Using Divorce Mediation

Save Your Money & Your Sanity

by Katherine E. Stoner

Using Divorce Mediation, Save Your Money & Your Sanity Using Divorce Mediation (Click Here for more info)   may help you with legal or financial issues in your divorce or separation. You may just want unbiased advice, or to know what form or forms to fill out, or help in planning all the details.

Here's a quick overview of  Using Divorce Mediation:

Using Divorce Mediation is the comprehensive manual you need to understand the entire divorce mediation processfrom finding the right mediator to writing your final settlement. Encouraging and straightforward, it answers all the questions people have about divorce mediation. Written by Attorney-Mediator Katherine Stoner, Using Divorce Mediation gives you a legitimate, increasingly popular alternative for resolving your divorce issues without spending a fortune. Divorce mediation offers separating pairs a chance to work with a third party to resolve differences and find solutions -- often in just weeks -- in a non-adversarial environment. You can steer clear of painful court battles, save money, and complete your divorce quickly.

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Katherine E. Stoner: Using Divorce Mediation, Save Your Money & Your Sanity

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