Winning Custody

A Woman's Guide to Retaining Custody of Her Children

by Deedra Hunter & Tom Monte

Winning Custody, A Woman's Guide to Retaining Custody of Her Children Winning Custody (Click Here for more info)   may help you with legal or financial issues in your divorce or separation. You may just want unbiased advice, or to know what form or forms to fill out, or help in planning all the details.

Here's a quick overview of  Winning Custody:

You never wanted to be in this position, but you are. Now, faced with the prospect of a custody dispute, you need to make smart choices. Winning Custody can help. This book, written by a woman who is an experienced psychotherapist, a mom, and a veteran of a bitter custody dispute, will help you to find your way, maintain your sanity, and keep your kids from being caught in the custody crossfire. Winning Custody is a practical and therapeutic guide to child custody that is geared specifically toward women. It offers advice on how to navigate the complicated legal maze of the custody process and gives step-by-step guidance on: *How to find a good--and affordable-lawyer *What to wear to court--it's more important than you might think *How to effectively communicate with your ex *How to parent your child firmly, lovingly, and consistently throughout this crisis time *How to defuse your fears of losing your children *And how to love and believe in yourself throughout this most difficult time.

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Deedra Hunter & Tom Monte: Winning Custody, A Woman's Guide to Retaining Custody of Her Children

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