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From Nagging Backaches up to Severe Back Pain:

Your Choices -- From Simple Exercises Through Having Back Surgery

Back pain -- chronic or intermittent, mild or severe -- can severely affect your happiness and quality of life. I hope the resources I've collected below can help you achieve relief, and possibly the complete elimination of your back problems -- without surgery, if possible.

Here is a list of available books, tapes, and CDs discussing a wide range of back pain and chronic pain problems, from occasional twinges to severe pain. I hope some of these will help you find the answers you seek. This page is kind of long, because there's a lot of information to present. It's organized into the following sections:
Within each section, the books are arranged in order of popularity -- the most-popular titles are listed first.

Click on any link below for a brief summary of the book, tape, or CD, plus where to get it:

Cures For Back Pain -- From Mild Backache to Severe Back Pain:

Backache: What Exercises Work -- Breakthrough Relief for the Rest of Your Life -- Even After Everything Else Has Failed

BackHab -- The Water Way to Mobility and Pain Free Living

Mind over Back Pain -- A Radically New Approach to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Back Pain

The MindBody Audio Program -- On Three Cassettes

7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life -- How to Rapidly Relieve Back and Neck Pain Using the McKenzie Method

Sex and Back Pain -- Advice on Restoring Comfortable Sex Lost to Back Pain

Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine

Overcome Neck and Back Pain -- Stretch, Relax, Strengthen

Back Pain Remedies For Dummies -- A Reference for the Rest of Us!

Back Pain Solutions -- How to Help Yourself with Posture-Movement Therapy and Education

Your Aching Back -- A Doctor's Guide to Relief

The Sciatica Relief Handbook

The Chiropractor's Complete Self-Help Back and Body Book -- How You Can Relieve Common Aches and Pains at Home and on the Job

The Back Pain Book -- A Self-Help Guide for Daily Relief of Neck & Back Pain

Back Trouble -- A New Approach to Prevention and Recovery

Relieving Sciatica -- Using Complementary Medicine to Overcome the Pain of Sciatica

Back Sense -- A Revolutionary Approach to Halting the Cycle of Chronic Back Pain

Back Pain Helpbook -- Based on the Only Clinically-Proven Self-Care Program for Managing Chronic or Recurrent Back Pain

Winning With Back Pain

25 Natural Ways Relieve Back Pain

Bourdillon's Spinal Manipulation

Rapid Recovery from Back and Neck Pain -- A Nine-Step Recovery Plan

Pelvic Pain & Low Back Pain -- A Handbook for Self Care & Treatment

Why Does My Back Hurt So Much? -- A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Prevent and Treat Lower Back Pain

Treat Your Back Without Surgery -- The Best Nonsurgical Alternatives for Eliminating Back and Neck Pain

Back Pain -- How to Relieve Low Back Pain and Sciatica

The Pilates Back Book -- Heal Neck, Back, and Shoulder Pain With Easy Pilates Stretches

The Multifidus Back Pain Solution -- Simple Exercises That Target the Muscles That Count

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Healing Back Pain -- Idiot-Proof Steps for Alleviating Spasms and Fatigue

All You Need to Know about Back Pain -- Beat Pain, Increase Mobility and Know Your Options

Back in Action -- Straight Answers to Back Pain and its Relief

Back Sufferers' Bible -- Understanding is Half the Cure, You Can Treat Your Own Back

Spinal Stabilization : The New Science of Back Pain -- Effective Solutions for People With Low Back Pain

Making Your Bad Back Better, With The O'Connor Technique -- How You Can Become Your Own Chiropractor

How to Deal Simply With Back Pain and Rheumatoid Joint Pain -- A Preventive and Self-Treatment Manual

Physical Therapy of the Low Back -- Third Edition

Medical Management of Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain -- An Evidence-Based Approach

An Atlas of Back Pain -- The Encyclopedia of Visual Medicine Series

Back Pain -- Its Cause and Solution

The Back Pain Sourcebook -- Causes of Back Pain, Including Arthritis, Herniated Disks, Scoliosis...

Back Pain -- How to Get Rid of it Forever

My Back Went Out! -- And I Had To Stay Home

Avoiding Back Pain -- Maintaining a Healthy Back:

O.K. -- you don't have significant back pain problems now. But you're concerned. Perhaps other family members are having problems, and you suspect you might have inherited a weakness in that area.

Or your back is starting to bother you from time to time, and you want to nip the problem in the bud before it becomes significant.

This section is for you.

A Healthy Back -- A Sports Medicine Doctor's Back-Care Program for Everybody

Breathworks for Your Back -- Strengthening Your Back from the Inside Out

Back Care Basics -- A Doctor's Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief

A Healthy Back in Less Than 20 Minutes a Day -- Relief From Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain -- Without Drugs!

Introduction to Chiropractic -- A Natural Method of Health Care

The Nuts, Bolts and Greens of a Healthy Back

Back Pain -- Chinese Qigong for Healing & Prevention

Ymca Healthy Back Book -- A Proven Program From the World Leader in Back Care Education

Smart Guide to Healing Back Pain

The Backpower Program -- Two Physicians -- Medical and Chiropractic -- Reveal Their Revolutionary Program for Saying Goodbye to Backache

No More Aching Back -- Dr. Root's New 15 Minute-A-Day Program for a Healthy Back

The Yoga Back Book -- The Gentle Yet Effective Way to Spinal Health

Walk Yourself Well -- Eliminate Back, Neck, Shoulder, Knee, Hip and Other Structural Pain Forever-Without Surgery or Drugs

The Total Back Book -- A Complete Exercise Program for Long-Lasting Back Health

The Better Back Book -- A Beginner's Guide to a Healthy Back

Indoor Exercises -- A Gateway to Nature

Ergonomics in Back Pain -- A Guide to Prevention and Rehabilitation

Exercise Prescription and the Back

Back Care -- An Illustrated Guide

Miscellaneous Solutions to Back Pain and Other Chronic Pain:

Perhaps the books above don't really seem to match your particular situation.  It may be that you're suffering from not just a "back problem," but a combination of things.

Look over the options below -- they may speak more directly to your needs.

Healing Arthritis the Natural Way -- The Breakthrough Program for Reversing Arthritis Using Nutrition and Supplements

I Conquered Fibromyalgia -- And Turned Horror Moans Back Into Hormones

Healing Muscle Pain -- Tools, Techniques, and Tips to Bring Your Muscles Back to Health

How I Recovered From Chronic Back & Neck Pain -- An Odyssey of Pain and Learning

The Chronic Illness Workbook -- Strategies and Solutions for Taking Back Your Life

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