Your Aching Back

A Doctor's Guide to Relief

by Augustus White, M.D.

Your Aching Back -- A Doctor's Guide to Relief Your Aching Back (Click Here for more info):
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At last, Dr. Augustus White, one of the world's leading specialists in back pain and spine-related problems, has revised and updated his trusted and authoritative manual. This definitive edition of Your Aching Back offers the latest findings on back ailments and their treatments, giving information on:

* Basic back mechanics.
* The most common reasons for backache and the most likely sufferers.
* The most current diagnostic techniques.
* Basic back self-care: nonsurgical and preventive techniques; home treatments.
* Surgery: the most up-to-date technology and procedures.
* Postoperative care: recuperative techniques and life-style management.
* Controlling back pain in the elderly, including spinal stenosis and osteoporosis.
* Alleviating back trauma in sports and dance.
* Reducing lower back pain to increase sexual activity and enjoyment.

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