Back Pain Remedies For Dummies

A Reference for the Rest of Us!

by Michael S. Sinel, William W. Deardorff

Back Pain Remedies For Dummies -- A Reference for the Rest of Us! Back Pain Remedies For Dummies (Click Here for more info):
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If the words Oh, my aching back! are part of your regular vocabulary, then it's time to do something about it. The perfect solution to help ease your aching back is Back Pain Remedies For Dummies. In this book, nationally renowned back pain expert Michael S. Sinel, M.D. and clinical health psychologist William W. Deardorff, Ph.D. show you how to take charge of your back's health. Taking a holistic approach to back pain prevention and treatment, this comprehensive guide explores the full range of therapeutic options -- from conventional medicine to popular alternative treatments.

Back Pain Remedies For Dummies is your first step to relieving back pain and preventing future injuries. Surgery isn't necessarily the best solution to back pain, and this book can help you understand the pros and cons of back surgery and how to avoid it if you can. You also get loads of information about traditional medicine and alternative practices so you can determine what treatments and approaches are right for you. You even get the lowdown on such therapies as yoga, bodywork, acupuncture, and stress management and how they can help ease your back pain. Plus, you find advice about pampering your back at home, at work, and in the car with proven tips on posture, ergonomics, and exercise. So hold off on making that appointment with a back specialist and give Back Pain Remedies For Dummies a try first.

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