Back in Action

Straight Answers to Back Pain and its Relief

by Sarah Key

Back in Action -- Straight Answers to Back Pain and its Relief Back in Action (Click Here for more info):
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This question-and-answer format guide offers straight answers to the most commonly asked questions about back pain and the treatments available, with illustrations to help make it even easier to understand.

With clear explanations, it answers a range of questions, from the causes of back pain to the impact of everyday activities: Do I have a slipped disc? Should I try acupuncture? Am I depressed because of my backache or is my depression causing my backache? In which position should I sleep? Is sex, housework, or my office chair bad for my back?

Key maintains that most back problems are caused simply by joint stiffness, and that by using physiotherapy to mobilize the stiff spinal links and practicing techniques and exercises to keep each vertebra separated and supple, people can have healthy backs.

This book offers a daily self-treatment plan that shows how to strengthen a back and alleviate pain, as well as advice on the therapeutic benefits of yoga and exercises for coping with the pain often associated with long-distance travel.

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