Breathworks for Your Back

Strengthening Your Back from the Inside Out

by Nancy L. Swayzee

Breathworks for Your Back -- Strengthening Your Back from the Inside Out Breathworks for Your Back (Click Here for more info):
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If you have tension in your neck or upper back much of the time, or gave up most exercise because it bothered your lower back, or cannot exercise because back surgery or injury has lessened or restricted your movement--then this book is for you! Ingeniously combining breathing and correct body alignment, renowned exercise therapist and rehabilitation specialist Nancy Swayzee shows you how to eliminate back pain, prevent injury and build abdominal strength by working from the inside out. Here are more than eighty basic yet effective exercises, designed to strengthen the essential muscles that support you.

Regardless of your age or level of fitness and without any special equipment or environment, everyone from seniors to pregnant women can use these non-strenuous exercises to end simple aches, pains and problems, and create a new healthier inner self.

Discover: A Unique Method of Breathing The Power of Passive Resistance; why Most Crunches and Curls Don't Cut It; your Range of Motion and How to Extend It And Much More! Complete with easy-to-follow instructions, illustrations, special tips and personal cautions for each exercise, this revolutionary program will dramatically improve your body and posture with immediate results, thereby creating a healthier, leaner, taller, and shapelier you--forever.

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