Indoor Exercises

A Gateway to Nature

by Endless Forest Inc.

Indoor Exercises -- A Gateway to Nature Indoor Exercises (Click Here for more info):
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This is an interactive book on compact disc which demonstrates and teaches internal exercises for health maintenance.

These exercises are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are simple, easy and work with very little effort, time and space. These exercises can be done anywhere for as long (or short) as time permits.

The intention of this CD is not only to help maintain good health but also reduce the bad side effects of prolonged sitting as with a disability or as with sitting in front of the television and computer for example.

This CD uses text, audio and video to teach each exercise and give clear simple instructions. It is especially aimed at computer users who suffer eye, wrist, hand and back problems. The CD includes the book, Indoor Exercises, A Gateway To Nature, complete with illustrations that can be printed.

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