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Introduction to Chiropractic -- A Natural Method of Health Care Introduction to Chiropractic (Click Here for more info):
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Back pain, neck pain and headaches are three of the most incapacitating conditions suffered by the majority of people. They are usually not life threatening, but they are devastating to the "quality of life" for those afflicted. Chiropractic has played an important role in the treatment and management of these conditions. Many people are confused about what chiropractic is, what doctors of chiropractic do, and how chiropractic care can help their condition.

Introduction to Chiropractic™, 10th edition, is an easy to read, yet very comprehensive booklet which explains in everyday terms what you should know about chiropractic. This 52 page booklet explains, in very easy to understand terms, why the chiropractic approach to your health problem may be the right choice. Special exercises are included which have been proven effective in the management and ongoing care of most back and neck problems. Information on weight, diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and posture are also included in this new publication.

If you have a condition which may be helped by chiropractic and you are uncertain about whether or not you should become a chiropractic patient, this booklet will provide very specific information upon which to make your decision.

The publication was written by a nationally known doctor of chiropractic who has been in practice for 40 years. His advice and guidance in this book will clearly answer questions about chiropractic in a way which will inform you and empower you to make the right decision about your health care.

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