The Back Pain Book

A Self-Help Guide for Daily Relief of Neck & Back Pain

by Mike Hage

The Back Pain Book -- A Self-Help Guide for Daily Relief of Neck & Back Pain The Back Pain Book (Click Here for more info):
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THE BACK PAIN BOOK is a self-help text and reference that allows patients to continue their own care and independent health and fitness maintenance program.

A physical therapist tells how to relieve back and neck pain, of which 70 million Americans suffer. Your movement and posture may be the source - or the cure - for neck and low back pain. Mike Hage shows you how to analyze your patterns of standing, bending, breathing - even thinking. Learn to adjust these patterns in every move you make, from getting out of bed and choosing the right shoes to talking on the phone and getting to work. Take control of your pain and participate in your own rehabilitation by reprogramming your body to move correctly.

The author practices with Physical Therapy Ltd., which is affiliated with Northwestern University School of Physical Therapy. This book was developed while he was the physical therapy supervisor for the Pain Program at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

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