How I Recovered From Chronic Back & Neck Pain

An Odyssey of Pain and Learning

by Sheldon Needle

How I Recovered From Chronic Back & Neck Pain -- An Odyssey of Pain and Learning How I Recovered From Chronic Back & Neck Pain (Click Here for more info):
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If you feel like you are drowning in an ocean of endless medical tests, treatments, and medications with no real diagnoses and no relief in sight, How I Recovered from Chronic Back and Neck Pain may be your answer!

Tens of billions of dollars are spent by people with chronic back and neck pain searching for cures. Most practitioners offer hope but very little in the way of help. Unlike most "pain" books written by doctors or physical therapists, this is a personal story, not a clinical one. It blends Mr. Needle's own experiences with careful research into medical history, and traditional and alternative medical treatments. But his message is not just his story: his message can be your story, too.

Mr. Needle offers brass-tacks descriptions (down to what they feel like and what they cost!) of traditional and non-traditional medical alternatives. He offers a powerful battery of passive and active therapies through which even someone with a deep-rooted chronic condition can achieve lasting pain relief. This book can also serve as a resource for books and articles on chronic pain and what you can do about it. It has an extensive list of Internet sites with relevant information on different therapies, exercises, and other remedies, as well as societies and professional boards that certify physical therapists, acupuncturists, and other healers.

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