Sex and Back Pain

Advice on Restoring Comfortable Sex Lost to Back Pain

by Lauren Andrew Herbert, PT

Sex and Back Pain -- Advice on Restoring Comfortable Sex Lost to Back Pain Sex and Back Pain (Click Here for more info):
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All Is Not Lost! You can restore comfortable sex. For back pain sufferers struggling to restore normalcy to their lives, this book is the definitive guide to regaining a satisfying sexual relationship. Deeply personal issues such as the negative effects of back pain on family relationships, loss of self esteem, guilt, shyness and fear are discussed with honest sensitivity.

Sex and Back Pain helps guide the reader through these barriers to a full and meaningful recovery of sexual abilities and loving sensuality. Covering various back conditions in sections for both men and women, this compassionately written book includes clear illustrations and photographs that will help the back pain sufferer understand the mechanical functions of the back and methods of pain control, learn restorative and relaxation exercises, and discover comfortable positions for sex. Over 350,000 copies of a patient version have been distributed to doctors and clinics worldwide.

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