Smart Guide to Healing Back Pain

by Carole Bodger

Smart Guide to Healing Back Pain Smart Guide to Healing Back Pain (Click Here for more info):
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This book includes the essential things readers need to know about healing back pain, one of the major causes of suffering and work absenteeism in North America.

The book dispenses smart advice on the leading causes of back problems and the best ways to relieve the pain. It gives ways to stretch, exercise, and strengthen the muscles in your back. It also shows how today's leading medical techniques and therapies can make your back feel good again. It's an all-you-need-to-know introduction to understanding why your back hurts and how to make it feel good again.

About the Author: Carole Bodger has written for the New York Times and other national publications. She is also the author of Smart Guide to Getting Strong, and the Fit and Smart Guide to Relieving Stress.

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