Spinal Stabilization : The New Science of Back Pain

Effective Solutions for People With Low Back Pain

by Rick Jemmett

Spinal Stabilization : The New Science of Back Pain -- Effective Solutions for People With Low Back Pain Spinal Stabilization : The New Science of Back Pain (Click Here for more info):
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Spinal Stabilization - The New Science of Back Pain - is a book for all ‘back owners’. This easy to read manual, written for the non-medical professional, describes cutting-edge advances in the field of back injury rehabilitation and athletic conditioning. Complete with over one hundred illustrations and photos, this new approach allows people with back pain to gain control of their symptoms, often more effectively than with more traditional methods including sit-ups, back extensions, pain medications or spinal manipulation/adjustment.

For readers interested in using the popular ‘SwissBall’ as part of their fitness or sport conditioning programs, Spinal Stabilization includes a chapter on stability training for athletes. Regardless of your sport or whether you consider yourself a recreational or a competitive athlete, increased trunk stability will lead to improved sport performance. Runners, swimmers and other endurance athletes will notice improvements in their aerobic efficiency while football, baseball, hockey and other power-sport athletes will be able to generate more power in their legs, shoulders and arms as a result of improved energy transfer through the trunk. Athletes who require a high degree of balance skill (gymnasts, figure skaters, rowers) will benefit dramatically from stability ball training as they develop stability-based strength and improved body-position sense. Many of the more advanced exercises demonstrated in the book will challenge even elite level athletes!

Whether you are a person recovering from spinal surgery, a person with chronic ‘non-specific low back pain’ or an athlete looking for improved sport performance, this unique book will help you achieve your goals!

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