Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox

by Erin Dealey

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox -- Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox (Click Here for more info):
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As if the itching and fever of chicken pox isn't bad enough, poor little Goldie Locks can't visit with her friends Red Riding Hood and Bo Peep, and her younger brother is positively ruthless in his teasing. What's a fairy tale gal to do? Wait for Bro's karmic comeuppance, that's what. And if the law of traveling germs holds true, the uppance will come quickly. Erin Dealey's rhyming lark plays havoc with favorite storybook characters, from Henny Penny to Jack (Goldie's brother calls out the window: "Jack, be nimble! Jack, be quick! / Come and see! My sister's sick!"). Illustrator Hanako Wakiyama's Goldie Locks, with her big, spotted face and tiny blonde braids, is the picture of wretchedness, while her naughty tow-headed sibling is fiendish in his bursting good health (for now, anyway). The distinctive artwork in retro reds and oranges is chock-full of witty details and child-friendly perspectives. Young readers who have suffered at the hands of bratty brothers and sisters will identify immediately with Golds frustration and cheer when Little Brother finally gets his just and speckled deserts. (Ages 4 to 7)

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