Eliminate Insomnia with America's Foremost Hypnotist

by Mesmer

Eliminate Insomnia with America's Foremost Hypnotist -- Eliminate Insomnia with America's Foremost Hypnotist (Click Here for more info):
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Track one of this audio CD explains what hypnosis is, how it occurs and how you can harness it to eliminate insomnia and settle down to a comfortable peaceful sleep.

Track two is the actual hypnosis and relaxation exercises with an emphasis on developing visualization techniques that place you in a highly relaxed, soothing state of mind. You will be able to, eventually, use these relaxation and visualization techniques any where and on your own and without the use of the CD.

Note from the publisher: We are pleased to be publishing the Mesmer collection of self-hypnosis CDs. Mesmer has been a practicioner of the art for over 30 years and has hypnotized thousands of people and dealt with a multitude of personalities. At one time he had 90% of the physicians in his city sending him their patients for weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management. Mesmer now tours the world with his stage show. The seminars became to demanding on his time and so he has reproduced digitally his voice and techniques on several different topics in CD format. Very user friendly!

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