100 Questions About Sleep and Sleep Disorders

by Chokroverty Sudhansu, Md.

100 Questions About Sleep and Sleep Disorders -- 100 Questions About Sleep and Sleep Disorders (Click Here for more info):
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Sleep disorders affect at least 40 million Americans and generate prescriptions for 40% of the population, with many more relying on over-the-counter medications each year. 100 Questions and Answers About Sleep and Sleep Disorders is a concise reference for the layman that provides an overview of common sleep problems and how to get help for them.

Dr Chokroverty answers the most common concerns expressed by patients: What is snoring? What causes insomnia? How is sleep affected by health problems? What is sleep apnea? Which medications cause excessive sleepiness or sleeplessness? and What are the best treatments for restless leg syndrome and narcolepsy?

The book also presents essential information on treatment options including detailed discussion on prevailing drugs, as well as non-pharmaceutical therapies.

Dr. Chokroverty is the head of Neurology at St. Vincents Hospital in New York.

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Other pages discuss insomnia, apnea, sleepiness, medical cures, staying awake, snoring, and drug interactions.

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