The Sleep Solution

A 21-Night Program to Better Sleep

by Dr. Nigel Ball

The Sleep Solution -- A 21-Night Program to Better Sleep The Sleep Solution (Click Here for more info):
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This anti-insomnia workbook offers a 21-night plan to improve the quality and quantity of sleep. Ball, the clinical director of a Seattle sleep-disorders center, and Hough, an advertising marketing director, are the founders of a consulting group called Sleepwell International, which provides sleep information to corporations and individuals.

Over the first nights of the program, the authors ask you to fill out worksheets to help you find out whether or not you are getting enough sleep each night. Subsequent chapters discuss ways to reorganize your bedroom and your bedtime schedule, issues such as alcohol, lack of exercise, worries, and medical problems that could interfere with your sleep, and how eating the right foods at the right time can help induce a good night's sleep. With its workbook format, The Sleep Solution will be especially helpful to readers who are tired during the day but don't know exactly why they aren't sleeping well at night.

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