Car Alarm Systems, Auto Anti-theft Systems, and Alarm System Components

Preventing your car, truck, van, or SUV from being broken into or stolen is far better than repairing the damage afterwards. Even if you do eventually recover the vehicle.

Car security alarms, many with anti-carjacking, anti-hijacking features.
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Peace of mind is priceless, and that's something automobile alarm systems can give you. Auto theft is an increasing problem. Car security systems can prevent outright theft. Automobile alarms that sense motion, glass-breaking, etc. can also deter and drive off a thief, minimizing the damage caused by a successful break-in just for a radio or for a package visible in the interior.

We all know it's wise to avoid leaving tempting packages or gadgets visible in your car when you must park it in an unattended spot. But just having a nice car means there's plenty of temptation to auto thieves. I don't have to tell you the value of a set of attractive wheels, or even something as mundane as the airbag in the center of your steering wheel.

There's a huge variety of alarm systems available. From the basic, install-it-yourself or "DIY" security and alarm systems that can be installed in a few minutes, up to as elaborate as you want to go.

The phrase "alarm system" or "security system" covers many possibilies. Sometimes you don't want generalities, but specifics. So here are a number of specific alarm and anti-hijack systems you can look at:

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Car alarm systems, auto anti-theft systems, some with anti-hijacking and kidnap protection features.

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