Fix your Sagging, Torn Ceiling Headliner: Repair or Replace -- for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, or Vans -- Materials and Info

Ceiling headliner repair supplies and complete kits -- plus a little advice, as well.

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Repairing your car, truck, van, or SUV's ceiling headliner can range from a quick and simple job to a pretty large and messy one. Sometimes a simple $4 kit will let you re-attach the headliner in a few minutes. Or, perhaps there's nothing solid to attach the headliner to and you just have to replace the thing.

If you have a sagging fabric headliner that has a firm fiberboard backing behind it, a few specially-designed decorative-head screws can quickly and cheaply reattach it. See the Auto Barn link, below, for that.

But sometimes there's nothing solid above the headliner -- only deteriorating foam or fiberboard. Then it's time to replace the whole thing.

In between, there are adhesive sprays that are meant to let you re-glue the headliner to whatever's above it. I've seen a LOT of problems reported on the car newsgroups with this approach, mainly with the glue failing on the next hot day. It will probably work if whatever you're re-gluing the headliner to is in good shape. If not, don't even try it if you've got a large area to re-glue. For a small flap, fine. But not for large areas.

Here are a some different kits and supplies that will let you handle the whole range of repairs:

Ceiling Headliner Repair Kits and Supplies I've Found:

I hope among the above you'll find the right repair method for your problem!

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Fix your Sagging, Torn Ceiling Headliner -- repair kits and supplies.

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