Ways to Repair Paint Chips and Scratches in Your Car, Van, or Truck Finish

Repairing chips and scratches from stone or rock damage to your paint

Kits and materials to repair paint dings and stone chips.
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Your vehicle's paint picks up everything from shallow scratches to deep down-to-the-metal chips, which come from rocks or stones thrown up by cars or trucks in front of you. Touching up the paint with a "dab-on" type brush can match your car's paint color O.K., but -- at least for me -- it always seems to end up leaving a lump of touchup paint that stands up higher than the rest of the paint.

I've found a few different kits that will let you quickly repair everything from shallow scratches to deep chips or pits that go all the way to the bare metal:

Paint repair methods and supplies I've Found:

I hope some of these make your paint scratches and chips disappear!

Additional auto repair information you might find useful:

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Repair kits to fix or patch stone chips or scratches in your car, truck, or van's auto paint.

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