Reducing Road noise and Tire Noise in your Car, Truck, or Van

Using rubberized undercoating and rubber weatherstripping to quiet your vehicle

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Road noise, tire noise, or whatever you call it: it really begins to wear on you after awhile. Especially on long drives. Here are ways to reduce it and quiet your vehicle.

There's not much you can do about keeping the noise from being created -- perhaps tire pressure changes will help a little, but probably not. So we have to block that noise from getting inside the vehicle.

Tire noise is created at the tire's "contact patch" -- where it touches the road. From there it follows two likely paths to reach the passenger compartment:

1) It gets past the lower car door seals.

2) It passes right through the wheel-well liner (usually of light plastic) and then gets into the passenger compartment via various vents and small openings.

So let's look at how to block those paths:

If you think the road noise is coming in past the door seals:

If you think the tire noise is coming in through the wheelwell liner:

I hope this helps!

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A SAFETY NOTE: When you take your car, or truck or van, out to test it to see if the wind noise or road noise is better, PLEASE don't try to both drive and twist around listening to the noise yourself! Have a passenger do it. For noise in the driver's door, a passenger sitting behind you can listen up by the top of the door opening, and down near the bottom, in ways that you just can't while sitting in the driver's seat and driving. Your primary attention must be on safe driving.

Reducing tire noise and road noise using rubber weatherstripping and undercoating in wheelwells, repairing car door seals

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