Rain-shedding or Water-repelling Windshield Coatings

Windshield coatings that make your windshield shed rain drops, making the raindrops roll off or blow off in the wind from your driving. Helps with sleet and snow, too. Allows driving in the rain without wipers in an emergency.

Rain-repelling windshield coatings, many other car products
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Water-repelling or rain-shedding windshield coatings, many other car-related accessories.
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These windshield coatings will make your windshield repel water. They cause rain drops to not "wet" the windshield as they normally would. The raindrops just bead up into little "water balls" and get blown off as you drive. Some of these coatings must be applied when the windshield is dry, but one can be sprayed on even while it's raining -- and then "applied" by running your wipers.

I've used some of the products that I mention below. It's very entertaining!

When you get up to about 35 mph or so, there's enough "wind" to make any rain or water that hits the windshield to just make the water balls that form just roll up to the roof of the car and disappear.

It's actually fairly entertaining, at first, if you've also applied it on your side windows. When it's raining, the water droplets will be swirling up and down and around every which way on the side windows. I've found myself paying WAY too much attention to the "show" and not enough to my driving. Passengers get to really enjoy the show. It's a quite striking effect!

With the versions of these that should be applied when the glass is dry, I've found using a soft cotton cloth for the final wipe -- or a handheld squeegee -- works best to eliminate any "haze" that may remain after the first application. Once that's gone you can't tell the windshield has any coating on it at all.

Here are the products I've found:

Well, these are the only the products like this I'm aware of. These coatings are great "insurance" in case your wipers should tear or fail. And then there's the "entertainment factor" to consider, especially on the side windows. :)

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Rain-repelling or water-shedding windshield coatings -- great for emergencies when your wipers fail.

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