Repair Your Windshield With Safety Glass Repair Kits

Repairing chips from stone or rock damage to your windshield or halogen headlamp glass

Tools to fix windshield stone chips and rock dings.
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Tools and materials to fill windshield stone chips and scratches.
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Stone chips or dings or pits in your windshield safety glass are annoying. And they can tear up your windshield wiper blades. Plus, windshield chips or cracks can grow until the whole windshield needs to be replaced.

I've found a few different kits that will let you quickly and easily repair small chips and stone dings or windshield pits yourself. Plus, there's a kit to let you quickly buff out or polish out windshield surface scratches and marks, restoring the original clarity of the glass.

Windshield and Glass Repair Kits I've Found:

I hope some of these things help with your windshield problems!

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Windshield safety glass repair, fix stone chips or cracks in laminated glass

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