Our Parents' Ancestors

Those Who Came Before Them

By Mike O'Gara, with help from siblings and other family members

Dad's grandfather, R.T. O'Gara.
The resemblance between him,
and dad's father, and dad,
are certainly noticeable!
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Dad's father Peter Francis O'Gara.
He died, when dad was 17 I believe.
He hung himself. It was Dad
who found him, on Christmas morning.
Dad was often melancholy at Christmas.
An experience like that marks you forever.
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A newspaper cover featuring dad's parents.
The correction in the next picture says this is
Peter Francis and Catherine McGrin, but says
they're dad's grandparents.
I assume that's wrong.
Added info: My sister Catherine says dad
always said her name begins with a "C"
to differentiate hers from his mom,
whose name he said began with a "K".
Since the newspaper articles at right spell it
"Catherine" with a "C", I don't know what's
right, so it's for future generations to answer.
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And the article inside, with errors.
...And the corrections to the article.
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Mom's dad, Ray Higgins,
in a silly ad for his Gambles store.
He's wearing a wig, or a mop perhaps.
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