Our Parents, Before There Were Kids

When Roger And Jean Were Young

By Mike O'Gara, with help from siblings and other family members

Here are pictures of mom and dad when *they* were kids, and when they were grown up but before all of us came along.

These pictures are in approximately chronological order, as best as I can determine the dates.

For some periods I have more pictures of Mom, and for others more of Dad. If anyone has any to help fill in any of the gaps, please let me know.

Says on pic: "Offspring's first year at school."
I THINK mom's in middle row, next to our right end.
Tim says he agrees with that.
But Mo says she's 3rd from left in the middle row,
and that mom often laughed about having a "bowl"
haircut for the picture.
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Says on pic: "1929 Woodbine."
So mom would have been about 12 here.
I *think* she's in middle row, near center, with the blouse with the thin black "necktie" thing and a diamond pattern on the blouse. Tim confirms that guess, too.
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I named this "1932 Team", so I guess there was a note to that effect on the back.
Unfortunately I can't find the photo now, and Tim noted that the ball in the picture
is marked "1933," which indeed it is. Your guess is as good as mine.
Dad is in the rear, center.
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This collection of articles about dad has a date indicating it's about 1936.
I'm surprised -- I didn't know he was active in organizations like this!
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About 1940, same image as on first page.
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About 1940, also the same as on the first page.
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Wedding announcement, May 22, 1942. They got married during the war.
Dad never did get sent overseas. The war ended just in time.
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Oct. 6-7, 1942 telegram. I wasn't sure what it pertained to,
but Tim tells me it was about dad being accepted into Officer's Training.
I'd thought he was in the medical corps. at the end of the war,
but Tim says he didn't have "medic" training, but was an
administrator at a hospital in Waycross, Georgia.
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Front page of a letter from Dad to Mom, Nov. 23, 1942.
He was presumably in Officer's Training school,
or perhaps in medics' training.
It seems strange to see such affectionate writing,
since we *never* saw any real affection between
mom and dad when we were growing up.
That probably affected how all of us kids turned out,
but at the time it seemed "normal."
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Back page of the same letter.
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No date, I'm guessing 1944, could be wrong.
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Ditto, no date on this one, I'm guessing the same approximate date.
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"Oct. 25, 1944 Medical Section" was written
on the back of this, or on the envelope it was in.
Tim and I agree that we see dad in the third row, 3-5 people
to the left of the pole sticking up behind everyone,
behind the chubby guy in the light-colored uniform.
It helps to grab the image and blow it up some.
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I know this is dad at next-to-right, and I think it's Jerry on the left end.
No date on photo, I assume it's 1944 -- 1945.
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"A band of brothers" -- Hugh, Roger, Gerald ("Jerry").
I assume this was right after the war, so about 1945.
It could have been when they were "on leave" and got together, during the war, though.
I see everyone was already having their hairlines moving back!
If this was 1945, dad would have been about 29.
I don't ever remember him without a receeding hairline,
and now I see why!
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