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Connecting Our Wider Family's Memories Together

By Mike O'Gara, with help from siblings and other family members

There are also three overlapping photos of the family-tree diagram that a lot of people contributed to at Asilomar. See the thumbnail images of that below the family-pages links.

Click on the links below to go to more family-related pages. If you have other family photos online, PLEASE SEND ME THE URLs so I can add those locations here.

Susan (Sleeth) Mosedale's family album web page.  Many of these are photos I hadn't seen before.

In Memory of Sean Mark O'Gara -- My beloved son.   His absence from my life hurts almost more than I can bear.

Here is the most complete family tree I know of, right now.   These are three overlapping photos I took of the family tree diagram at Asilomar in July 2000.  This was near the end, after lots of folks had added all the information they could think of to it.   If you look at the full-size image it's quite readable:

Click for fullsize image. Click for fullsize image. Click for fullsize image.

How to save the full-size images onto your PC:

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Typically, depending on your browser, you then right-click on the the large image, select the "save picture as" choice, and save it to wherever you wish on your computer.   You definitely only want to save the full-size images, not the less-detailed thumbnail images.

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