Delta 42-035 1/4" Bead Shaper Cutter


Wood-cutting carbide tipped shaper cutter: Delta 42-035 1/4 Carbide-tipped shaper cutters, like this Delta 42-035 1/4" Bead Shaper Cutter (Click Here for more info) offer longer life and lower cost-per-cut than a steel-tipped cutter.

Specifications for this Delta 42-035 1/4" Bead Shaper Cutter:

  • Cuts 1/4" bead
  • Advanced optical comparators guarantee precision in manufacturing process
  • Carbide-tipped for long lasting sharpness and durability
  • Computer designed and machined for precision performance
  • Includes 1/2" T-bushing for use with 1/2" spindles
  • Delta carbide-tipped shaper cutters come in a wide selection of profiles for many cutting applications, maximizing the utility of your wood shaper.

    Computer-controlled machining of the profiles delivers precision cutting with a minimal tolerance variations between blade edges.

    High-quality carbide provides durability.

    Each cutter has a 3/4-inch spindle hole and includes a 1/2-inch T-bushing for use with 1/2-inch spindles.

    Includes shaper cutter and 1/2-inch T-bushing.

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    Carbide wood-cutting tools: Delta 42-035 1/4

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