The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery

"The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery" -- There's no more thorough and readable guide to joinery than this new book from expert woodworker Gary Rogowski. Includes full-color, step-by-step photo essays to show you how to make practical woodworking joints.

The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery
The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery
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Details about The Complete Illustrated Guide to Joinery:  Over 1,400 color photos and drawings illustrate the methods, from simple butt joints to angled tenons and complex scarf joints. A project as simple as a box, for example, has a dozen ways to solve the joinery question. And, since many joints can be used interchangeably, Joinery leads you through making the right choice for your project based on the function of the piece, the time you have to work on it, your skill level, and your tooling. Perhaps best of all, Joinery features an appealing, modern visual approach and is completely up-to-date regarding tools and methods. This book will not gather dust on your bookshelf; it will be a permanent fixture in your shop. The real value of this book is the coverage of the many ways to get the sameresult. For example, there are eleven methods for cutting a simple mortise describedhere. This gives woodworkers the option of choosing the option that best fitstheir tooling and skill level. The book is organized for quick access, usingvisual maps, and detailed visual contents. Since nomenclature varies, the visualreference allows rapid identification of the desired result. And like a classic cookbook, this book gives all the standard methods and variations, but is especially useful for guidance on a seldom used, but necessary technique.You will learn ways to master:Dovetails and finger jointsMortises and tenonsRabbets, dadoes, and groovesScarf jointsLap and bridle jointsYou will find that this book is:A modern replacement/complement to the classic woodworking bestseller: Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking.A complete visual reference on making woodworking joints.Over 1500 step-by-step color photos illustrate the processes.Covers every practical joint used in modern woodworking (and a few exotic joints).Multiple options depending on skill level and tools.The author, Gary Rogowski is a contributing editor of Fine Woodworking Magazine and the author of Router Joinery (and has appeared in the video of thesame name). Rogowski has been a professional furniture maker for over twentyyears and directs the Northwest Woodworking Studios, a woodworking School inPortland, Oregon. He regularly teaches and lectures on woodworking across thecountry.Hardcover, 9 - 1/4'' X 10 - 7/8'', 400 pages, with color photos and drawings, Published 2001, ISBN 1-56158-401-0

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