Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp

"Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp" -- We've taken the pipe clamp to the next level! NEW! Pipe Clamp Conversion Pads

Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp
Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp
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Details about Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp:  Rockler is proud to introduce a better pipe clamp. It's easy to use and loaded with new, improved features, including a wider base and more handle clearance.Our new Sure-Foot pipe clamp has a 2.5" W foot to provide exceptional stability and prevent "domino-effect" tipping during setup. It won't rock on uneven bench surfaces! Plus it has a new, higher base that raises the pipe 1.5" above table to allow for greater handle clearance, so you won't have to position clamp handle off the edge of a bench.1.5" above table clearanceMore handle clearance than other pipe clampsWider base for greater stabilityClamping face includes holes for mounting pads, cauls, jigs and speciality fixtures. Built-in clamp hook eliminates need to "clamp the clamp" when hanging on wall. Four discs provide secure, no-slip lock for the sliding head on standard 3/4" black pipe. Won't rap your knuckles with this clamp's higher base for greater clearance Clamping cauls spread clamp pressureWith built-in clamp hook for convenient wall hanging, you'll no longer have to "clamp the clamp" Glue veneer laminatesClamp curved shapes with specialty jigsClamp extensions for cabinet assembly Sure-Foot 3/4" Clamp Pads and Conversion Pads Sure-Foot™ Pipe Clamp Conversion PadsConvert your old 3/4" pipe clamps to the same height as Rocklerís wide-base Sure-Foot design. Pads give you a wider base to prevent tipping and raise clamp higher off bench for greater handle clearance. Two per package.      Sure-foot Pipe Clamp pictured left. Regular Pipe Clamp pictured on right with Pipe ClampConversion Pad. Sure-Foot™ Clamp Pads - 69084 (Pictured Above)Pads slip over Sure-Foot pipe clamp jaws to protect against damaging wood and projects. Four per package. 

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Name: Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp
Main category: Rockler's Exclusive Product Line

This Sure-Foot Pipe Clamp product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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