Kreg™ K2000

"Kreg™ K2000" -- The K10 and K2000 works with a variety of material widths and thicknesses by giving you an infinite number of adjustments.Order today and get a FREE Large Face Clamp and ''The Pocket Hole Solution to Tables'' Video. Hurry! While supplies last! $30 Value.

Kreg™ K2000
Kreg™ K2000
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Details about Kreg™ K2000:  This combines the best features of the Kreg ROCKET with the K2 Kreg Jig — and adds a dimension of flexibility with the 3-hole design and height adjustability. Includes the K10 and K2000 Jig; the Kreg Jig Mini; a step block for 1/2" material and a riser block for 1-1/2" material; a 3/8" Kreg drill bit; depth collar; 3"- #2 sq. recess driver; 6" - #2 sq. recess driver; 6" face clamp a starter pack of self-tapping pocket hole screws; and two support wings. Carrying case is included.Kreg™ K2000 Kreg™ K2000Carrying Case Purchase Now and Receive a Free Large Face Clamp and Video While Supplies Last! FREE! Kreg Large Face Clamp reaches up to 6" and ensures a perfectly flush joint every time! Large pad keeps clamp from marring wood. Perfect for flat stock such as face frames, mitered picture frames and other similar joints.FREE! Pocket Hole Solution to Tables VideoEver thought of yourself as a furniture maker? With pocket hole joinery as its foundation this video will have you building strong, sturdy tables in a matter of hours.Sit back and relax as seasoned woodworker John Sillaots leads you through the simple steps needed to build a table that starts as a simple leg and rail design, then expands by adding a shelf and finally, pass-through drawers! Use the skilss acquired in this video to produce tables fro every room in the house; from end tables and coffee tables, to sofa tables, dining room tables and more...  Click Below and Watch a Video Clip and Learn More...Need a Media Player? Download Windows Media Player 7 (1:04)Pocket Hole Assembly Animation (1:09)How To Assemble Other Pocket Hole Joints (1:20)Self-Tapping Screw Primer (2:46)The Kreg Jig K10 and K2000 & Assembling Frames (1:35)Using the Mini Kreg Jig (1:31)Using the Rocket Jig (3:00)Working With 1/2'' & 1-1/2'' Thick Material (0:57)About Pocket Hole Plugs (3:19)Angled Joinery With Pocket Holes (2:04)Assembling A Post & Rail Joint Using The K10 and K2000 Drill Bit and Video Also Available... 3/8'' Step Drill bit for mini, rocket, K2 & K10 and K2000 Kreg Jigs The tip of this bit is 1/2'' in length. Use with the guide jig for drilling 3/8'' pocket holes and 3/4'' deep x 3/16'' dia. Pilot holes in one step. For use with 3/8'' bushing only. Pocket Hole Tips & TechniquesFeaturing the Kreg Jig K10 and K2000 This video shows you how easy it is to make tremendously strong professional-quality pocket hole joints in a fraction of the time of other joinery methods.

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Name: Kreg™ K2000
Main category: Power Tools

This Kreg™ K2000 product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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