Country Blanket Chest Plan

"Country Blanket Chest Plan" -- This rustic chest lets you decide whether to use handcut dovetails or simpler butt joints. Either way, this design will look great and provide valuable storage space in any room of the house.Plan includes 15-page, step-by-step instructions, four 18" x 24" drawings and materials list.Instructions included for using handcut dovetails or butt joints.Overall finished dimensions 38-1/8''L x 18-1/8''D x 19-9/16''H.Also includes instructions for making tray that rests inside the chest on rail supports.

Country Blanket Chest Plan
Country Blanket Chest Plan
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Details about Country Blanket Chest Plan:  Back in pioneer days, this might have been called a six-board chest. The top, bottom, front, back, and ends were made of single wide boards. Today, its rare to find wood that wide, so we glued up narrower boards to create the wide panels in our Country Blanket Chest. Pioneers would have used dovetail joinery as much for its strength as for looks. We have included special step-by-step instructions for hand-cutting these dovetails. Or, if you prefer, weve also included instructions for a simpler butt joint with screws and plugs.This plan also includes instructions for making the tray that sits inside the chest on rail supports.The Country Blanket Chest in the photo is made of clear pine. If you prefer a more rustic look, you can use a grade of pine with some knots to add more character. The finish is three coats of shellac.The Country Blanket Chest plan includes a fifteen-page step-by-step booklet and four 18" x 24" sheets of shop drawings. You also get a pre-printed shopping list you can take to your local lumber yard or home center. The list includes all the wood, supplies, and tools you'll need to build this Country Blanket Chest.

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Name: Country Blanket Chest Plan
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