Amana EZ-Dial Slot Cutters

"Amana EZ-Dial Slot Cutters" -- Simply dial in the slot width, cinch the lock nut, and you’re ready to go! Available in two sizes: 1/8" to 1/4" and 1/4" to 1/2".

Amana EZ-Dial Slot Cutters
Amana EZ-Dial Slot Cutters
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Details about Amana EZ-Dial Slot Cutters:   Tool No. D B L T* d 24313 2-1/8'' 1/8-1/4'' 3-5/16'' 1/2 1/2 25113 2-1/8'' 1/4-1/2'' 3-11/16'' 1/2 1/2 Adjusting cutter is as easy as turning the volume knob on a radio! Just dial in the slot width and cinch the lock nut.One full turn of the adjustment dial changes the slot width by only 1/32", so fine adjustments are easy.Great for making slots for slipping undersized plywood into frames, or custom-cutting grooves for tongue-and-groove joints.With carbide tips and 1/2" shanks.Cut grooves up to 1/2" deep.

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Name: Amana EZ-Dial Slot Cutters
Main category: Router Bits

This Amana EZ-Dial Slot Cutters product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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