18'' Full Round Set

"18'' Full Round Set" -- Round rotating set to find those hidden items in your cabinet!

18'' Full Round Set
18'' Full Round Set
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Details about 18'' Full Round Set:  18'' Full Round Set includes two 18'' white plastic shelves, posts and mounting hardware. Adjusts in a range of 22- 1/2'' to 33''. 6000SERIES FULL CIRCLE REV-A-SHELF SYSTEMWITH TELESCOPING PIVOT HARDWARELocate the bottom pivot by placingone of the shelves on the base of the cabinet andmarking through the center hole making sure theshelf will have at least 3/8 in. side clearenceall around. Pilot drill (1/8 in. dia.) holesand fasten the bottom pivot with four (4)1/2" x #8 truss head wood screws. Slide the collar assembly over thecenter shaft and start the screw into the hole inthe center shaft. Insert the upper shaft assemblyall the way into the center shaft. Set the shaft assembly on thebottom pivot and extend the upper shaft to thetop of the cabinet. Plumb with level to locatethe center for the top pivot bracket. Pilot drill(1/8" in. dia.) holes and fasten the toppivot with four (4) 1/2 in. x #8 truss head woodscrews. You are now ready to assemble theunit inside the cabinet. Place the shelves insidethe cabinet over the bottom pivot bracket andslide the shaft assembly through the shelves. Lift the shaft assembly and engageit in the bottom pivot, whie holding the shelvesup with one hand. Extend the upper shaft assemblyand engage it in the top pivot bracket andtighten the locking screw on the collar assemblysecurely. Adjust the shelves to the desiredheights and tighten the shelf locking screwssecurely. NOTE: A little lubricant (whitegrease or equivalent) applied to the top andbottom pivot will insure quiet and smoothturning.

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Name: 18'' Full Round Set
Main category: Cabinet Hardware and Kitchen Accessories

This 18'' Full Round Set product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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