Ogee Router Bits

"Ogee Router Bits" -- Top quality bits that meet the high demands of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware.

Ogee Router Bits
Ogee Router Bits
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Details about Ogee Router Bits:  ROUTER BIT DIMENSIONS Two flutes, Ball bearing guide. Bearing 1/2" Item No.ABCDR 916501-1/4"1/2"1/4"1-1/4"3/16" 916721-1/2"11/16"1/4"1-1/4"1/4" 916831-1/4"1/2"1/2"1-1/2"3/16" 916941-1/2"11/16"1/2"1-1/2"1/4" A fantastic value on high quality router bits. These bits are competitively priced while offering high performance and long life.Quality performance features include: K10 and K20 grade carbide for clean cutting action.Final sharpening with 600 - 800 grit diamond wheels.Precision balanced for smooth operation. Baked-on anti-stick coating to reduce pitch and resin buildup. Get a great deal on these superior bits!Buy 3 or more and get 10% off, or buy 6 or more and get 15% off. If you are not 100% satisfied with these bits, send them back for a refund.These larger bits are designed to be used in a router table.Router Bit Set-Up Jigs - Set your router bit to the precise height every time! Simply bring the router bit up through the table and align the jig with the cutting edge of the bit. Router Safety Tips:It's easy to prevent mishaps if you take a few simple precautions.1) Rockler recommends using 1/2'' shank router bits whenever possible. 1/2'' shanks provide better stability with less vibration to produce a smoother cut and longer cutter life. 2) Make multiple light passes rather than one heavy cut. 3) Install your router bit so that 90% of the shank is inside the collet. Here's a rule of thumb: fully insert the bit, then pull it back 1/16 to 1/8 of an inch. 4) Use a router table whenever possible. 5) When using large diameter bits, reduce the RPM of your router. Then test your set-up on scrap lumber. 6) Always follow your router manufacturer's recommendations.

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Name: Ogee Router Bits
Main category: Router Bits

This Ogee Router Bits product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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