The Handplane Book

"The Handplane Book" -- In this book, professional furniture maker Garrett Hack helps woodworkers reclaim their woodworking heritage by presenting a treasure trove of information about handplanes.

The Handplane Book
The Handplane Book
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Details about The Handplane Book:  by Garrett Hack More than any other tool, the handplane has come to symbolize fine craftsmanship.Handplanes evoke the romance of an earlier era when planes performed countlesswoodworking tasks from preparing stock to shaping moldings. Planes from thattime and into the early 20th century were often exquisitely made and speak eloquentlyof the respect and love craftsmen had for their tools. As much as woodworkersenjoy looking at these beautiful planes, many of them don't know how to usethem to their best advantage. In an era when machines make quick work of dimensioningstock, cutting joints, and shaping surfaces, woodworkers have forgotten howefficiently and quickly planes can perform these same tasks. Many have simplynever learned the skills involved in using planes. In this book, professional furniture maker Garrett Hack helps woodworkers reclaimtheir woodworking heritage by presenting a treasure trove of information abouthandplanes. Everything is covered here: history, theory, and practice. The practicalside includes discussion of everything from tuning and adjusting planes to planningtechnique. The historical information traces the lineage of the plane from Romantimes to the present, with special emphasis on the golden age of planes (19thand early 20th centuries). Also covered are the many specialty planes used inancillary woodworking professions. The concluding chapters take a look at contemporaryplane makers and explain what to look for when buying a plane for the shop oras an investment. This is a beautiful book to stir the soul of any woodworkerand a mine of information for the tool collector. '' a definitive volume that describes not only the practical workings ofthe various types of planes and how they are used, but includes details of thetool's history, care, tuning, repair, and even how to recognize and buy antiqueplanes.'' -- Woodshop News, Dec.'97 (circ. 91,000) '' a big, lovely book that manages to be both entertaining and useful andfills a considerable hole in the woodworker's library. . . . a very handsomeproduction. . . . The most useful section of the book [is] a long discussionof tuning a plane. There is no greater pleasure in woodworking than using afinely tuned smooth plane, and no greater frustration than using a poorly tunedone.'' -- Arizona Republic, Oct.'97 '' Hand plane collectors should welcome this book. . . . The pictures aresuperb, and the advice sound -- makes you want to go curl some shavings.''-- Maine Antiques Digest, Nov.'97 Paperback 272 Pages, 175 Photos, 152 DrawingsTable of Contents Introduction What Is a Plane?History of Planes Plane Mechanics Tuning a Plane How to Plane Planes for Truing and Sizing Stock Planes for Joinery Planes for Surfacing Scrapers Planes for Shaping Specialty Planes Contemporary Plane Makers Buying Planes

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Name: The Handplane Book
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