Home Bar Plan and Hardware

"Home Bar Plan and Hardware" -- Traditional frame and panel bar and mirror plan turns an ordinary room into an entertainment center.

Home Bar Plan and Hardware
Home Bar Plan and Hardware
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Details about Home Bar Plan and Hardware:  Behind this traditional frame and panel bar are two drawers and two doors where you can conveniently store your bar supplies and liquor. The overall completed size of the bar is 72'' long by 38-1/2'' high by 24'' deep. The shop-tested plan includes full-size patterns for all shaped pieces, a detailed exploded view, step-by-step instructions, a complete material list, and elevation drawings.The mirror unit in back of the bar features glass racks (sold separately) above, and a railing (sold separately)for displaying and storing your bottles beneath the mirror. Use our cherry galleryspindles for making a decorative railing to keep your bottles in place. Thecompleted mirror unit measures 72'' wide by 41-1/8'' high by 10''deep.The brass foot railings are what really turn an ordinary counter into an authenticbar. We offer the professional railing hardware used by the most stylish barsand restaurants. Two brass rail hardware kits are available, a 6' and a 10'kit.#73962 The 6' kit is for the front of the bar only. It includes: 1 each #73990 6' Brass Railing 3 each #73969 Brass Combination Bracket 2 each #73983Brass Rail End Cap   #73955 The 10' kit wraps around the sides of the bar and includes two brasselbows. 1 each #73990 6' Brass Railing 1 each #73997 4' Brass Railing 5 each #73969 Brass Combination Bracket 2 each #73983 Brass Rail End Cap 2 each #73976Brass Rail Elbow  Both kits include brass tubing, combination brackets and end caps. All itemsare solid brass, and all except the tubing is lacquered.Hardware required for completion of the Bar Plan as designed: 2 each - Door Pulls - Brass Finish - 3'' 2 each - Drawer Knobs - Brass Finish - 1-1/2'' 2 Pair - Drawer Slides - Fullor 3/4 Extension 8 each - 1/4''Shelf Pins 2 pair - Full Overlay Hinges - Brass Finish 1 each - #74032 Sink - 6'' x 13'' x 14'' 1 each - #73990 Brass Toe Rail - 1-1/2'' x 23'' x 72'' 5 each - #73969 Brass Toe Rail Brackets Wood Screws - #8 x 1-1/4'' and #8 x 2'' 1 package - Wood Plugs to match the wood you choose 1 roll - Veneer Tape to match the wood you choose - 8' x 1-9/16'' Bar Molding - Pre Madeor you can make your own 2 each - Sides - 2-1/2'' x 4-3/8'' x 24-1/4'' 1 each - Front - 2-1/2'' x 4-3/8'' x 71-5/8''   Hardware required for completion of the Bar Mirror Plan as designed: 13 each - Stemware Holders - 3/4'' x 3'' x 7'' - PreMade or you can make your own - . Crown Molding - PreMade or you can make your own 2 each - Ends - 3/4'' x 2-9/16'' x 10-1/8'' 1 each - Front - 3/4'' x 2-9/16'' x 64-1/8'' 1 each - Gallery Molding - 3/8'' x 3/4'' x 60-3/4'' 15 each - GallerySpindles Wood Screws - #8 x 2'' and #8 x 1-1/4'' 20 each - #20 Joining Biscuits 25 each - 3/8'' Wood Plugs to match the wood you choose 6 each - 3/8'' Wood Buttons to match the wood you choose.

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