The Accurate Router

"The Accurate Router" -- Quick Setups and Simple Jigs

The Accurate Router
The Accurate Router
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Details about The Accurate Router:  by Ian KirbyHere is a comprehensive guide to the router, today's most popular woodworkingmachine. Master Craftsman Ian Kirby's practical, shop-tested approach does awaywith complicated, expensive and time-consuming gadgets. Instead, Kirby showsyou how to guide the router with simple blocks and clamps. His down-to-earthapproach equips you to get the job done with stunning accuracy and minimum fuss,every time. You will learn: How to build a superb bench-top router table How to choose the right router for the work you do How to build simple, inexpensive and accurate jigs How to choose one of the seven basic guide methods for each routing task How to shape moldings for furniture and interior trim How to rout excellent joints, including rabbet, housing, miters, mortiseand tenon, loose tenon, bridle, dado, and dovetailsIncludes a complete and invaluable catalog of setups that shows you the bestway to approach every router operation.  

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Name: The Accurate Router
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