Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge & Fence and Flipstop

"Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge & Fence and Flipstop" -- Our New and Improved Miter Gauge now features dead-on accuracy in 1-1/2 degree increments, a patented ''no-slop'' bar now 2'' longer and a re-engineered aluminum fence with MDF face that allows for zero clearance cutting!

Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge & Fence and Flipstop
Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge & Fence and Flipstop
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Details about Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge & Fence and Flipstop:   View a "Flash" animation for our Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge New and Improved Sure-Loc™ Miter GaugeThe ''poker chip'' design of our miter gauge head assures dead-on accuracy. And with our new 1-1/2 degree increments, you can cut at virtually any woodworking angle you need! You won't find greater accuracy for the priceanywhere else on the market. This innovative Sure-Loc™ miter gauge and Tru-Trac™ bar havebeen designed to put some teeth into your search for highly-accurate miters.The secret is in the segmented disc feature, with interlocking "teeth"that allow you to lock in at 1-1/2º increments, with precise repeatability.You'll get accuracy of less than 2 minutes (1 minute = .016º)! Thebar increases your accuracy with its patented "no-slop" design. The uniquely engineered bar (now 2'' longer!) expands to fit both standard and T-trackslots perfectly along the entire length of the bar, with constant support in the T-slot. Both the head and the bar are made of lightweight, durableanodized aluminum. The miter bar can adjust from a 47/64'' minimum width to a 58/64'' maximum width of miter track.The large, comfortable, polymer handle adds to easeof operation. Patent pending. New and Improved Fence The re-engineered aluminum fence is machined flat for precision and uses T-slots for flexibility and simplicity. The MDF face allows you to get extra close to the saw blade, and allows forzero clearance cutting. Floating flipstop included! The unique shape of the floating flipstop automatically slides above the workpiece and out of the way when not needed; i.e., when squaring the first end. For cutting to length, the flipstop drops down and acts as a stop.View the Assembly Instruction Sheet forthis product.  See an independenttool review of this product by This Old Workshop. 24'' Miter Gauge track with Flipstop

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Name: Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge & Fence and Flipstop
Main category: Rockler's Exclusive Product Line

This Sure-Loc™ Miter Gauge & Fence and Flipstop product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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