Table Saw Fence Systems

"Table Saw Fence Systems" -- Being able to cut materials safely and precisely on your table saw is essential for fast and accurate Woodworking.

Table Saw Fence Systems
Table Saw Fence Systems
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Details about Table Saw Fence Systems:  COMPARE PERFORMANCE & PRICE WITH ANY FENCE!Being able to cut materials safely and precisely on your table saw is essential for fast and accurate Woodworking. Unless saw fences are well designed they make cutting a chore instead of pleasure, resulting in poor quality and inaccurate cuts. Most Saw Fence Systems….Do not lock parallel to saw blade.Do not have accurate measuring scales.Have Fence Bars that are too short.Do not have adequate width ripping capacity.Require frequent re-alignment.Lack safety devices.Are unable to be finely adjusted.The Vega Saw Fence Systems solve all of these problems (and more!) to assureAccurate and reliable cuts combined with smooth, precise motion. UTILITY MODEL 26 or 50 Designed for contractors saws, smaller cabinet saws, and 10" saws that don't receive extremely heavy use, the Utility ModelFence is simply a small version of the very successful Professional Model. With all the great features of the Pro Model (fast installation, super precision, micro adjustments and more), the Utility Fence will upgrade your saw to a very precise cutting machine at a very reasonable price.The Utility Model Vega Saw Fence System is available with 26" or 50" rip capacity to the right of the blade and 8" to the left.Questions?See our Frequently Asked Questions for this product.

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Name: Table Saw Fence Systems
Main category: Power Tools

This Table Saw Fence Systems product is carried by Rockler, "the woodworking superstore." They're a family-run store for woodworkers, established in 1954, with the tools, wood, and materials to help your completed project be a source of pride to you and your family.

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